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In-Line pH Measurement Applications (Threaded)

  551 pH Sensor with Nut Lock Adapter




551 with Nut Lock





551 pH Sensor

551 Sensor

          Configurations       Dimensions      T & P Ratings

  • Patented Axial Ion Path® reference technology increases electrode lifespan in harsh applications
  • Proprietary low-noise, high temperature signal cable
  • Specialized glass formulations
  • Universally compatible with all manufacturer's analyzers
  • Sensor insertion depth from 2.6 to 12 inches (measured rib to tip of sensor)
  • (Actual sensor color varies depending on material of construction)

How can you quickly and easily remove the sensor from the process without twisting up the cable? The 551 Sensor is the answer. When mated with Barben's special 1 inch NPT Nut Lock union connector the 551 pH sensor can be easily locked into the process. The sensor's o-ring seal can withstand up to 100 PSIG. When the 551 sensor is paired with the optional full metallic Nut-Lock adapter pressure ratings up to 300 PSIG can be achieved. Designed to fit into 1 inch tee fittings the sensor insertion depth can be ordered up to 12 inches long to accommodate flanges and extended pipe nipple installations.

Product Datasheet

In-Line Nut Lock Adapter

Nut Lock

Configurations       Dimensions

  • 1 inch male NPT process connection
  • External Nut-Lock to retain quick-change 551 pH sensor
  • Body material options include: CPVC, Kynar, 316 Stainless, Hastelloy C and Titanium GR2
  • No twisting of the sensor or cable is required for sensor removal from the process

Product Datasheet

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