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In-Line pH Measurement Applications (Threaded)

  546 pH/ORP Sensor



546 pH/ORP Sensor



546 Sensor


Configurations     Dimensions     T & P Ratings

  • Patented Axial Ion Path® reference technology increases pH electrode lifespan in harsh applications
  • Proprietary low-noise, high temperature signal cable
  • Specialized glass formulations
  • Universally compatible with all manufacturer's analyzers
  • 3/4 inch NPT connection for insertion into tee style fittings
  • Insertion depths from 0.5 to 5.0 inches (base of threads to sensor tip)

The versatile 546 pH / ORP Sensor can be threaded directly into sample lines using the 3/4 inch Male NPT process connection. When combined with an integral junction box the sensor cable can be easily detached to simplify sensor removal. Sensor should be specified with 8 inch pigtail cable. An extension cable will be needed to complete the connection to the analyzer.

Product Datasheet

Junction Box

Jet Cleaner


  • Mounts on the rear of the sensor. Provides easy access to wiring.
  • Prevents unwanted twisting of the cable when the sensor is unthreaded from the process.

Product Datasheet


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